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At Nationwide Laminating & Finishing, we provide two primary types of mechanical binding to finish your book-length projects: plastic coil and Wire-O binding. Each has its advantages:

Plastic Coil is tough without being tough on you. Able to bounce back into shape after being weighed down, plastic coil is able to withstand the rigors of kitchens and industrial environments, making it ideal for manuals, cookbooks, and other products under regular stress and abuse. What it doesn't have is sharp edges that can prick users, catch on clothing, or cause accidents in workplace settings.

Wire-O™ Binsing is stylish without a designer price. If you are looking for a classic look and cost-effective binding style, look no farther than Wire-O binding. Sometimes called twin loop or double loop binding, Wire-O is loved equally by professional textbook publishers and businesses just like yours that need information bound in an easy-to-use format.

Both styles open 360 degrees, lay flat, allow for single-hand usage and can incorporate multiple stocks or additions such as pocket covers, laminated covers or inserts and much more. Consult with our experts to determine what processes best fit your next project.

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