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Planning Series 1 of 3: Obtaining Fast, Accurate Estimates

Start at the finish(er). Many problems during finishing can be easily avoided if you fully consider the scope of your product in the planning stages. In the first of a three-email series from Nationwide Laminating, we'll look at a few guidelines to consider when contacting us for laminating work. When you employ these simple guidelines, most estimates can be delivered over the phone in minutes-or even seconds!

Project outline - Start with basic considerations: what is your project budget? How many finished products will you need? When and where will you need it? By preparing answers to these essential questions, Nationwide Laminating can provide you with an estimate that accurately reflects your job parameters.

Take 'stock' of your paper - Your paper selection is a strong indicator of what type of laminate will fit your project. Plus, by balancing paper weight and laminate, you can create a more cost-effective product. On many projects, increasing the paper weight and decreasing the laminate thickness can save you money. Lighter papers may require more durable laminates to protect the stock from damage. Specific paper coatings will also determine what type of laminate is feasible for your products.

What's it for? - Perhaps most importantly, consider how your product will ultimately be used. Due to weather considerations, posters and signs intended for outdoor locations will require an additional edge seal that indoor wall calendars will not. Mailers and pieces that incur weight charges have much lighter laminate than identification cards, which need a thick laminate to be tough enough to endure constant use.

Evaluation of all these factors will determine which of our laminate styles and thicknesses is best for your project. The knowledgeable sales staff at Nationwide Laminating is available to assist you in the planning stages to create a laminating solution that will bring your designs to life.

The Nationwide Advantage
At Nationwide Laminating, we offer a range of laminating films and thicknesses to provide your projects with unmatched appearance and durability. Cutting, round cornering, and plastic spiral binding is available in addition to ancillary services such as drilling, shrink wrapping and assorted handwork. Our ability to complete most jobs in 24 hours or less means your work gets to your customer faster. Contact Nationwide Laminating today to get started delivering your next project.

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