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Planning Series 2 of 3: Get Ready for Production

Effective planning isn't always a numbers game. Accurate estimates and efficient scheduling can accelerate production, but nothing will grind it to a halt faster than material that isn't adequately prepared to run. In the second of our three-email series, let's take a look at a few guidelines to consider when submitting your laminating work to Nationwide:

Send us your 'overs' - Most print runs produce more copies than are actually needed in case of poor print quality or paper problems. Often, printers will assume the overstock is without value and discard useable extra pieces. Instead of simply throwing away these 'overs,' send them to Nationwide Laminating with the rest of your order. Overs are ideal for set-up and necessary in the event of minor user or machine error during production. We'll laminate as many as you send us-it never hurts to have a few extra!

Make your mark - Be sure guide and gripper marks are made clearly on your copies. Without these, laminate may not line up properly and result in a poorly produced piece. If you're not sure where on your layout thse ought to be placed, call Nationwide to determine the guide margins that will work best for your specific project.

Dust 'em - Like cleaning up before a party, preparing print job for finishing often requires a little housework. Press powder, regularly applied to print jobs to help inks dry faster, can ruin your work if not removed prior to applying laminate. If trapped between the page and the film, press powder can keep the laminate from sealing properly and appear as white spots throughout your product. Dusting powder off your sheets is crucial to avoid this costly mistake.

The Nationwide Advantage
At Nationwide Laminating, offers a wide range of laminating films and thicknesses to protect and add value to your products. We can also accent your pieces with our cutting, round cornering and drilling capabilities. Consider our plastic spiral binding services for multiple-page pieces that need a durable but classic look. For the unmatched professional appearance of stylish film laminate, call Nationwide Laminating today and get started delivering your next project!

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