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Planning Series 3 of 3: Delivery Tips

Often overlooked in job planning, the importance of delivery in turning around finishing work cannot be understated. At Nationwide, we accept hand-delivered work and have relationships with most major couriers and shippers. Remember, your job can rarely be turned around as quickly or produced as efficiently if you fail to consider the following delivery guidelines:

Be better than on time - Hand-delivering jobs to Nationwide can save costs and time-but only if properly planned. Often, customers electing to deliver jobs themselves do so because their time constraints won't allow them to use a courier or delivery service. Deadlines get pushed back, and a job due to arrive at 10 am arrives at 4 pm, making same-day service extremely difficult.

Low-cost travel - If you do chose to use a commercial shipper, UPS is your fastest and most economical option. Nationwide receives regular UPS Ground shipments every morning - if your job is in that delivery, most of the time we can send it out during our scheduled pickup that afternoon!

Beat the rush - Most of the time, you'll know during planning and preparation if your project is a rush job. Call Nationwide and give us a 'heads-up' to let us know it's on its way. If you do, we may be able to schedule your project within a few hours and turn it around as quickly as possible.

Pack it in - When submitting your job to Nationwide for laminating or other work, remember to pack it as though you were sending it to a customer. Loose or poorly packed product can suffer transit damage en route to Nationwide, and we can seldom correct the damage.

The Nationwide Advantage
Nationwide offers shrink-wrapping in addition to our fulfillment services to protect your projects through delivery. Our 24-hour turnaround on most projects means your work gets into the hands of your customers quickly. Contact Nationwide today to get started delivering your next laminating project!

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