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The Advantages of Plastic Coil Binding

When choosing a binding style for a project, create a mental checklist of the features the binding should provide the piece. As you do so, consider your budget and design as well as the habits and environment of the end-user. Does the binding need to be durable to the point of crush-resistance? Will the user need layflat capability? Can a variety of stocks be blended to showcase text, images and more? Can these be accomplished in a cost-effective binding style?

One style that answers "yes" to each of these questions is plastic coil binding from Nationwide Laminating. Available in a rainbow of colors, plastic coil can be used to bind books of almost any thickness. Like all mechanical binding styles, plastic coil also allows you to mix and match stocks for the ultimate in design flexibility. Let's take a look at a few more advantages of plastic coil binding:

Lay it down or turn it over - Plastic coil binding is a true layflat binding style that can also be turned 360 degrees on any page. These capabilities make it ideal for hands-free or single-hand applications such as calendars, maps, notebooks, cookbooks and user guides.

Can't crush it - One of the most resilient binding styles available, plastic coil is virtually scratch-proof and crush-proof. Even when pressed under the weight of several other heavy books, plastic coil will 'bounce back' and retain its shape. Its added durability makes plastic coil a great method for binding manuals and other projects meant for industrial environments.

Layout tip: Often, printers and designers fail to adequately plan for the binding elements and create copy that stretches to the edge of the page. You can easily avoid this problem by creating a ΒΌ" punch margin on the bound edge - this will guard against losing text and images into the drilled holes necessary for plastic coil binding.

The Nationwide Advantage
At Nationwide Laminating, we stock plastic coil in a variety of colors to provide not only design flexibility, but speedy production as well. Our 24-hour turnaround on most projects means your work gets into the hands of your customers quickly. Shrink wrapping is available in addition to our fulfillment services to ensure your work is delivered without transit damage. Call us today to get started delivering your next plastic coil project!

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