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Two-Sided Laminating Options

Applying laminate to printed products can make images and text stand out, but the biggest benefit of two-sided laminating is the added durability and protection it can provide your projects. The best option to shield printed pieces from deterioration, two-sided laminating is available in two styles, flush cut and borders. Though customer selections often come down to simple cosmetic preference, there are some advantages and disadvantages to each method. Let's take a look:

Flush Cut
Common printed material, such as invitations or business cards, are produced with multiple copies of the final piece on a single sheet. At Nationwide Laminating, we'll seal laminate to both sides of the sheet and then cut out your individual pieces - this is called a flush cut. The most cost-effective option for two-sided laminating, flush cutting seals both sides of your work in laminate, but not the ultra-thin edges. This style is preferable for all die cut pieces. Moisture can seep into the edges, so flush cuts are not recommended for products exposed to liquids or damp environments.

Common applications
In addition to business cards, flush cutting is often done on door hangers, point-of-purchase displays and other pieces that are often subject to abuse, but not much moisture. Maps, rolodex cards and posters meant for inside use are generally flush cut.

A true waterproof and airtight option, borders are produced by applying lamination that is slightly larger than the printed piece. The lamination is applied to both sides of the material and sealed it a short distance beyond its edges. This creates a clear laminate border around the printed piece, enclosing and protecting it inside two sheets of laminate. This distance varies by stock type, laminate thickness and design preference. For products printed with multiple copies on a single sheet, each copy is cut first and then laminated. Borders can be round-cornered if the laminate is thicker than 1.7 mil.

Common applications
The waterproof quality of borders makes the process ideal for menus, which are frequently the subject of spills. Posters, charts, banners or any highly visible piece designed for outdoor use should have borders to protect the printed piece from different types of weather.

The Nationwide Advantage
At Nationwide Laminating, we have five high-speed manufacturing lines ready to produce two-sided jobs in runs large or small. In addition to one- and two-sided laminating, we provide mounting, plastic coil binding, shrink wrapping and fulfillment-meaning you can drop it off, and we'll take it from there. And with 24-hour turnaround on most jobs, you can rely on Nationwide Laminating as your finishing solutions partner.

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