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The Advantages of Wire-O Binding

At Nationwide Laminating, we're continually expanding our capabilities to better serve our customers. Early this year we added Wire-O binding to a mechanical binding department that already includes plastic coil binding and automatic punching. Handsome and versatile, Wire-O binding is produced using pre-formed loops bound in pairs down the book spine. Like other mechanical binding styles, Wire-O allows you to mix stocks and sheets with a variety of thicknesses and coatings. Here are a few more advantages of Wire-O binding:

It Lays, it Turns - Wire-O products not only offer layflat capability, but can be opened 360 degrees to any page for single-hand use or hanging applications, making it ideal for calendars, manuals and cookbooks.

Cross Neatly - Unlike plastic coil, Wire-O binding does not 'step up' from the left side to the right side of the opened book. This means images, graphs, maps and charts meant to crossover from one page to the next will line up evenly.

Layout tip: Too often, print designs fail to account for the binding elements and stretch copy to the far edges of the pages. Avoid punching into text and images by leaving ample room on the margin for binding. Pieces using three holes per linear inch, called a 3:1 layout, must maintain a 3/8" margin between the spine edge and the punched holes. For 2:1 Wire-O books, leave at least a 1/2" margin.

The Nationwide Advantage
With the addition of Wire-O services and our new Kugler Automatic Punching Machine, Nationwide Laminating is not only positioned to deliver mechanical binding projects, we're able to take them end-to-end with increased efficiency. With competitive pricing and quick turnaround, Nationwide is uniquely positioned as your complete post-press resource.

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