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Foam Core and Gator Board Mounting

Printed forms, regardless of design, often need a little support. Mounting sheets to a thicker, sturdier board can be an effective solution to projects meant to stand up or maintain rigidity while on display. Printed forms are attached with adhesive, which holds them securely to the mounting substrate. Let's take a look at two popular options:

Foam Core - A cost effective mounting option, Foam Core is a soft and thick board about 1/4" thick. On large format pieces, however, Foam Core can warp or 'bow' slightly, turning your piece into a slight C-shape when viewed sideways from the head or foot. Lighter than most mounting styles, foam core is an excellent choice for pieces intended to be framed, when slight warping won't matter.

Gator Board - Great for large-format finishing, Gator Board is harder and thinner than foam core mounting at just under 3/16" thick. A heavier option that won't warp, Gator Board is good for pieces that aren't meant to be framed. The mounting is less expensive than framing and won't break if it falls, making it ideal for schools and public areas with a lot of foot traffic and unpredictable crowds.

Layout Tip: When planning a foam core or gator board mounting job, outsize your sheets slightly - 1/4" is a good rule-of-thumb-to allow your finisher ample area for the final trim. By laying out a slightly larger sheet, we'll be able to trim the sheet flush to the mounting at the exact measurement you specify. Otherwise, we'll be forced to make adjustments that may slightly undersize your project.

The Nationwide Advantage
With 24-hour turnaround on most projects, the workflow at Nationwide Laminating is second to none. With a range of print finishing services that includes one- and two-sided laminating, plastic coil binding, Wire-O Binding and much more; Nationwide is positioned as your finishing partner in the Mid-Atlantic. Contact us today to get started delivering your next project!

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