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Nationwide Laminating & Finishing: Helpful Tips

The Benefits of Overs

Print finishers regularly use overruns, or the printed quantity that exceeds the delivery quantity, to get equipment up to speed and to ensure that all delivered pieces meet your specifications. Rather than destroy these press overruns, send them on to your finisher instead. Here are a few ways we use them:

Plan to Spoil It
When applying film laminate, for example, we use overruns to determine the best application temperature and film thickness for your projects. This is known as "spoilage" and is essential for us to deliver your requested finished quantity. Spoilage is typically represented as a percentage of extra material for production. A good rule-of-thumb for spoilage is to factor an additional 3-5% of material to your required finished quantity per machine process.

Planning tip: Keep in mind that spoilage rates are cumulative for each process. If your job requires multiple processes, multiply the amount of spoilage required by the number of operations. The number may be higher than you expected, but supplying your finisher with adequate setup product is the best way to ensure accurate and efficient production. Be sure to ask Nationwide Laminating for spoilage rates for each production process before printing.

The Nationwide Advantage
At Nationwide Laminating, our services include Wire-O binding, plastic coil binding, mounting, large format finishing, and more. With efficient production and 24-hour turnaround on most projects, sourcing to Nationwide Laminating has never been easier! Give us a call today for planning help or to request an estimate.

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