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Nationwide Laminating & Finishing: Helpful Tips

Get More from Cards and ID Tags

Even over weekend conferences, ID tags take plenty of abuse. Users and events can be unpredictable, and tags can tear and become damaged. Protecting these tags with laminate can make them clear and easy-to-read for both guests and security personnel.

Business cards aren't free from tearing, either. How many times have you exchanged cards only to see your card shoved into a pocket or a bursting wallet? Laminating your cards can add a touch of style as well as keep this essential business tool free from harm. Let's take a look at a few more tips for protecting cards and ID tags:

Materials tip: In addition to providing protection for printed forms, some laminates can also make images pop and text easier to read. For color-coded tags or image-heavy ID cards, a gloss laminate can make those shapes and colors easier to see at a glance. Matte laminate, on the other hand, makes the detail of text clearer, which is perfect for tags with names, titles and other information.

Layout tip: Many tag users who don't want to use pouches assume the only solution is to punch a hole directly through the card. Not true! In addition to punching holes, Nationwide can also extend laminate beyond card edges, creating an extra lip. This area is then trimmed to suit the project and punched; creating a hanging device that neither interrupts your copy nor harms your cards.

The Nationwide Advantage
Did You Know? Nationwide Laminating not only cuts, laminates and distributes ID tags, we provide lanyards and other convenient neck chains in a variety of materials and colors. Ideal for conferences, camps and events of all types, lanyards make name tags easy-to-see for both guests and security personnel. Rely on Nationwide as your total ID tag solution.

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