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Nationwide Laminating & Finishing: Helpful Tips

Add Flair to Your Direct Mail Pieces with Laminating

Direct mail is among the most efficient methods of reaching consumers. With all the product finding its way into mailboxes, are your pieces making a positive impression representing your company? Why risk having your pieces damaged in an often unpredictable mail stream? Protect your mailers and make them stand out with laminate!Laminate can not only add protection to mailers and die cut pieces, but add a touch of style as well. For restaurant fliers and other pieces meant to be saved in drawers or on refrigerators, laminate can ensure these pieces are not harmed.

Here are a few planning tips:

Materials tip: Like any project, laminate thickness for direct mailers depends upon the application. An 8" x 10" flier folded with a wafer seal will use a thinner, more pliable laminate, while a postcard will require a laminate thick enough to withstand the rough treatment of the postal system. Consult with Nationwide to find a thickness that works for your format, copy and intended usage.

Planning tip: Laminate first! Often, customers will decide after a project is die cut that the protective power of laminate should be used to strengthen the piece. Unfortunately, these pieces must be hand-cut, which can increase costs and delay turnaround. Whenever possible, plan for laminating early in the process. It's the best way to ensure your pieces are cut and laminated accurately.

The Nationwide Advantage
At Nationwide Laminating, we're available to find laminating solutions for all of your unique projects. Consider, for example, placing a magnet on the back of postcard products for an easy display piece. Consult with our sales and customer service team to determine what layouts and materials best fit your unique projects. Rely on Nationwide as your post press partner to deliver laminating solutions that last.

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