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Tools of the Trade: Eyeleting and Scoring

Although their functions vary, eyeleting and scoring are two "behind the scenes" processes that help products last longer and look better. Here are a few planning and usage tips to consider for each:

Eyeleting - Eyelets are small metal cylinders that are used to hold together multiple substrates. Eyelets are typically placed at a corner of the piece, allowing multiple panels to turn or rotate one layer over another. They're commonly found on products such as pocket guides and flip charts, which require the strength and durability that eyelets provide. Unlike rivets, the hollow design of eyelets makes them ideal for name badges or other products, as they allow a neck chain to be inserted.

Scoring - Scoring is recommended for any project that may exhibit cracking on the fold. Typical candidates include projects printed on very thick or thin stocks, cross-grain layouts, or those with heavy ink and coating coverage. Menus are an ideal application for scoring.

Production tip: For best results, allow your post press provider to perform all scoring operations in conjunction with folding. This will reduce damage to scores in transit, enable your finisher to make adjustments if necessary, and consolidate responsibility with one provider.

The Nationwide Advantage
In addition to eyeleting and scoring, Nationwide Laminating performs drilling, punching, round cornering and assorted handwork services to support the creation of your unique laminating, bookbinding or display materials. To discover how our expertise can make the design of your next project a reality, contact Nationwide today!

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