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You've come to trust Nationwide Laminating for our laminating and mechanical binding services. To meet our customers' growing needs, we've now added die cutting to our core capabilities.

Give your POP displays and collateral materials eye-catching appeal with innovative die cut designs. With our sharp die cutting, you can create portfolio windows, pocket folders and self-mailers to break through the clutter and reach your audiences.

Like so many other processes within the graphic arts industry, successful die cutting is dependent on good planning and communication. Reduce your costs, turnaround times and headaches by involving Nationwide Laminating-your die cutting partner-early in the planning process. Here are a few helpful tips:

Use Registration Marks - As in printing, hairline register marks improve die cut registration. If your image uses up all the paper (excluding gripper and guide margins), sometimes it's possible to place register marks in waste areas located in the body of the sheet. Using these marks and letting your die cutter know about them in advance helps operators maintain die registration. Also, provide your die cutter with blue lines or mock-ups to make sure we know what you expect of the finished product.

Send Uncut Press Sheets - Many printers reflexively trim sheets to facilitate handling and downstream production. This should not be done prior to die cutting, however. It's much easier to match registration when working with uncut press sheets, as printer grippers and side guides are more consistent than trimmed paper edges.

The Nationwide Advantage
Nationwide Laminating's die cutting is handled in-house, giving us a major advantage over competitors. Work with us at the start of your die cutting project, so we can help with the design and any make necessary adjustments without impacting turnaround times. Remember, we also provide complete laminating, mechanical binding and fulfillment services backed by our top-notch finishing advice. Call Nationwide Laminating to begin planning your die cut project today!

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