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Choosing the Right Laminating Style

You're probably familiar with some of the benefits of film laminating: Protection from scuffs and damage, increased durability and visibility. But how do you decide whether a product should have one-sided laminating or two-sided laminating? Here are a few details to consider before having a product laminated.

Single-sided laminating is typically specified for products that require surface protection, but not extra rigidity. Book covers, pocket folders, product packaging and mounted displays are all candidates for one-sided laminating.

There are numerous laminating films available for single-sided projects, including clear polyester (which provides a high-gloss finish) and glueable/stampable films that are popular for pocket folders. Matte films are appropriate for non-glare finishes, while satin films offer a surface appearence between gloss and matte. Ask the experts at Nationwide Laminating for additional film laminate suggestions and planning advice.

Two-sided laminating can be performed one of two ways – flush cut or encapsulated. Flush-cut laminating is specified for products that require durability or rigidity, including POP displays and posters. For products that require extra protection from moisture and other elements – including menus, maps and luggage tags – encapsulated laminating is performed with an extra margin around all edges of the piece to seal it completely.Both flush cut and encapsulated two-sided laminating can be performed with a variety of films, including clear, satin and matte finish polyester. Films are available in thicknesses of of 1.7mil, 3mil, 5mil, and 10mil.

The Nationwide Advantage
A Nationwide Laminating, we have six high-speed manufacturing lines to handle your one-sided or two-sided laminating projects. We offer 24-hour turnaround service on most laminating jobs. Call Nationwide today for help in choosing the right laminating solution for your next project.

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