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Wire-O: The Binding Style that's Versatile

If you a looking for an affordable yet versatile binding style, go with Wire-O. This binding style is loved equally by professional textbook publishers and businesses just like yours that need information bound in an easy-to-use format.

What makes Wire-O so popular is its economy — long-run projects are less expensive with Wire-O than many other binding methods — and its usability — Wire-O books open 360 degrees, lay flat and allow for one-hand usage.

At Nationwide Laminating, we can combine our Wire-O binding with our other finishing services to give you a stand-out product. For instance, make a drink menu more appetizing by binding it with Wire-O and laminating the cover.

Planning tips
Margins Matter - All images and text should be kept clear of the spine area to avoid the punched binding holes. For books using 3:1 wire, leave at least a 3/8" margin from the spine edge to the edge of the punched hole closest to the spine. That margin should be at least a ½" for books using 2:1 wire.

Tabulating Tabs - If your project will include index tabs, the tab extensions must be sized properly based on the face dimension of your book and the number of tabs in each bank. To calculate the size of each tab extension, start by subtracting ¼" from both the head and foot of your face dimension to account for the required shoulder margins. Then, divide this number by the number of tabs in each bank. For example, if your book has an 8-1/2" face dimension and will include four tabs, each tab extension will be 2" wide (head-to-foot). Here's the math: 8.5 minus .25 (x 2) = 8 – 4 tabs = 2" per tab.

The Nationwide Advantage
At Nationwide Laminating, our expert staff can turn around most projects in 24 hours. Aside from Wire-O, we also offer plastic coil binding, available in PMS colors to match cover designs or stocks. Call today to ask our staff for finishing ideas that take your products from good to great.

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