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Cost-Saving Series 3 of 3: Delivering Projects On Time

With digital printing becoming increasingly popular, many businesses are turning to on-demand printing for their more commonly used business communications, such as newsletters, fliers, marketing kits and even menus. That means shorter turnaround times for print and copy shops. When these projects need finishing services, such as plastic spiral binding and laminating, getting the job from the print shop to the finisher quickly plays a huge role in whether the final product gets to the customer on time.

In the final edition of our three-part email series on cost-saving tips, we offer some suggestions on how to avoid blown deadlines.

Rush Jobs<br /> Usually you know whether a project will be a rush job when the customer places their print order. As soon as you know a project needs a same-day turnaround, communicate this to your finisher. Tell us when the final product is due, the project specifications, and when we can expect it to arrive. This allows our finishing pros to prepare for your project by freeing up equipment.

You vs. UPS
Most projects are delivered via a commercial shipper, such as UPS. Jobs that arrive by way of UPS in the morning can often be completed and off to you or the customer by that afternoon. Sometimes you might opt to deliver a job to us yourself. That's fine, too. But remember that we can turn around jobs quickly only if they arrive on time. If you plan to have the project to our shop by 9 a.m., then stick to that timeline. This is the only way to ensure that your project goes out by the pre-determined deadline.

Details Matter
We like surprises as much as any one, but not when it comes to projects with fast turnaround deadlines. When informing us of incoming projects, include every detail related to the job, including quantities, number of forms and trim sizes. For example, learning that a project needs film laminating upon arrival can delay production and destroy any chance of meeting tight turnaround expectations.

The Nationwide Advantage
At Nationwide Laminating & Finishing our 24-hour turnaround on most projects means your work gets into the hands of your customers quickly. In many cases we can provide delivery service for smaller jobs to you or your customer. Trust Nationwide for projects needing expert finishing with fast turnaround times. Call us today at 800-322-5701.

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