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The Benefit of Plastic Coil

Plastic coil is a great binding solution for products ranging from menus to manuals. Many common products are ideal for plastic coil binding. Reports and training manuals for office environments, dinner and drink menus for restaurants and calendars for all types of businesses are great examples of products that benefit from this cost-efficient binding solution.

Plastic coil (also called spiral) lays flat and can open 360 degrees, which makes products easy to use. Here are some more advantages of plastic coil binding:

Plastic coil binding is virtually crush-resistant. It's the only form of binding that has a 'memory,' meaning it will return to its coil form if stepped on or gets mashed at the bottom of a stack of books. Publishers of children's books are fond of plastic coil because the binding elements are scratch-resistant.

Design Options
Plastic coil binding elements are available in diameters ranging from 6mm (1/8") up to 50mm (2") and either 12" or 36" lengths. Choose from a rainbow of colors —including PMS hues — to match your cover designs.

Planning Pointers
Unlike other mechanical binding styles, plastic coil binding requires holes to be punched to the top of the sheets. The height of the book determines how many holes will be needed. Keep a margin of ¼" on the binding edge for punching and spooling.

Contact us early in the project process to ensure that the color and diameter of binding elements you want are available.

The Nationwide Advantage
No finisher in the Greater Washington area knows plastic coil binding like Nationwide Laminating & Finishing. Combine plastic coil binding with our laminating service to give menus, book covers and calendars added gloss and durability. For a fast turnaround on your plastic coil projects, call Nationwide today at 800-322-5701.

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