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Nationwide Laminating & Finishing: Helpful Tips


Lamination is the solution to making your projects visually appealing and durable. With a laminate that properly refracts light; you can make colors jump off the page. Using a glare-reducing laminate improves readability. Frequently handle products like menus, book covers, checklists, and presentation materials are just a few of the applications that can benefit from the use of this versatile product. Important keys to consider when planning your laminate job are film selection, thickness, and finishes. This month, let's take a look at the types of laminate available for your upcoming project.

The effect you wish to create will determine the best laminate for the job. A few of the most common are:

Clear polyester - The least expensive finish to use, this is a standard in the industry. Producing a glossy effect, it is great for bringing up the color and shine of printed materials. This laminate, like satin and matte, offers good protection from scuffs and scratches. A disadvantage is that the high-gloss can prevent readability in brightly lit situations. If writing on the product is required, a permanent marker is needed.

Satin polyester - Produces a medium-gloss finish that retains excellent color consistency. There is still the problem of reflective glare associated with the clear, glossy finish. Glare can be a problem in this laminate, as well.

Matte polyester - This film provides a duller finish which allows the product to be viewed from any angle. Problems with reflective glare are minimized with this finish, making it ideal for trade show or presentation products that are presented under harsh fluorescent lighting.

Nylon based – This laminate is excellent for use book covers, as it lays flat and resists curling. Nylon is available in gloss and matte.

Polypropylene - Though this laminate provides high-gloss and less cost, it is prone to scratching. Due to lack of rigidity, it isn't recommended for double sided lamination.

Hint: Be sure inks are free of waxes and silicones which can compromise adhesion.

Nationwide Laminating has the proper film for all your digitally-printed pieces. We offer you a complete range of film varieties to give your products the appearance, durability, and overall quality you expect. With six high-speed manufacturing lines, we can complete most projects in 24 hours. For your next job, let Nationwide advise you on your next laminating project.

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