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Nationwide Laminating & Finishing: Helpful Tips

Foil Stamping and Embossing Help You
Create Compelling Finished Products

Few printed pieces command attention as powerfully as those created using foil stamping and embossing. Foil stamping and embossing can add a dazzling touch to book covers, certificates, product packaging, pocket folders, brochures and more. If you'd like your printed piece to truly stand out, look no further than foil stamping and embossing.

Our foil stamping and embossing solutions add an elegant touch to this commencement program.

Foil stamping and embossing are both specialties at Nationwide, so we're here to give you some guidelines for creating superb printed products using these finishing solutions.

Choosing the Right Die Material
Knowing a little about foil stamping and embossing dies can pay big dividends when it comes to choosing the right die material for your project. The dies used in foil stamping and embossing processes are typically fabricated from brass, copper or magnesium. Each metal has distinct properties that must be carefully considered based on your specific application.

For long-run jobs or those expected to be reprinted several times, dies should made from either copper or brass, both of which are very durable. Inexpensive magnesium dies, commonly referred to as "mag" dies, tend to smash out or break down fairly quickly. If the design is very detailed or if you're embossing heavy, textured stock, use either copper or brass dies.

Watch Your Inks
Some inks or varnishes work better with foil stamping than others. When applied over inks and varnishes that contain waxes or silicones, for instance, foil can blister or bubble, as gases are released during the heat of the stamping process. Foil stamping over UV coatings, lacquering and certain film laminations can be challenging as well. If you're using these processes in tandem with foil stamping, but be sure to apply to the foil first - unless you're using a stampable laminate.

The Nationwide Advantage
We're much more than just a laminating company! Our versatile, high-quality and efficient foil stamping/embossing services allow you to create gorgeous finished projects that will help you and your customers win more business. Give us a call today to get started on your next foil stamping and embossing project.

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