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August 2011 - "Score Big" by Choosing the Right Scoring Method

Overlooking the smaller aspects of a printing job can cause your project to strike out! When it comes to scoring, for instance, failing to pay attention to the type of score used can lead to serious problems with your finished products' appearance.

Die and rotary scoring can help you create compelling folded pieces like this brochure.

At Nationwide Laminating & Finishing, we have a different type of "scoring" on our mind this baseball season. Batter up and read on to learn two ways to score flat sheets.

The Single: Rotary Scoring
Rotary scoring uses circular blades or wheels to create a plowing action, which scores by breaking the surface and fibers of the paper. We only recommend this scoring method for some offset-printed applications, such as laminated menus.

The Home Run: Die Scoring
Die scoring involves using a die rule with a rounded edge to impress the paper rather than cutting all the way through. Here's a brief overview of the two main types of die scoring: heat-applied and letterpress.

Heat-applied Die Scoring
As the name implies, this type of scoring is applied using a die that's been heated to a high temperature. We recommend it for jobs with thicker stocks, heavy ink coverage or where quality is of utmost concern. Heat-applied scoring is also ideal when your product has been printed on a digital press that uses fuser oil. But it's not the best choice for stocks that are most susceptible to cracking. In these cases, we recommend...

Letterpress/Cylinder Die Scoring
Letterpress/cylinder scoring is a high-quality score produced without heat, which results in a beautiful score that minimizes cracking on even the toughest stocks.

The Nationwide Advantage
At Nationwide Laminating & Finishing, we specialize in rotary and die scoring (heat-applied or not) for folding projects. Our scoring capabilities will help you create high-quality folded pieces your customers will love. Give us a call today to learn more about our scoring capabilities.

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